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Aviation Photographer, Steve Thornton

This aviation reel shows a range of imagery from GA to commercial main line carriers, from in the air, at the gate, taxing, installing avionics to MRO from planes with wheels to planes with floats.

Aviation Photographer, Steve Thornton

For Photographers & DP's

The Gear:
3 Canon 5DMKIII cameras,
Canon zoom lenses:
8mm-15mm ranging from a full circle fish-eye to full frame fish-eye, 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm,
Canon prime lenses:
14mm flat field, 50mm f1.4, 100mm macro, 200mm f2, 400mm f2.8
Sigma 85mm lens,
Nikon 50mm,
2 Sachtler fluid heads,
O'Connor fluid head w/wood sticks,
4 Gitzo CF tripods,
SmallHD monitors,
Steadicam & DJI gimbal,
Shark slider,
Camera boom (CF),
Aputure LED Lights and light controls,
For stills Lumedyne battery powered strobes,
Some portraits we used Sunbounce reflectors and/or sunswatters.

The light:
Is either: Ambient, entirely illuminated with strobe or LED, hot lights or a mix of two or all types. It really depends on the requirements for any given shot or take.

Aviation Photographer, Steve Thornton

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